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I spy joy in murals

Mural on Williams

Driving north on Williams in Northeast Portland for the first time in possibly a year, I was amazed to see this bold, albeit unfinished, mural on a residential building. An automatic “wow” escaped my lips. And then another, louder “wow” followed when I saw the other side was completely covered in art, as well.  I quickly looked for a place to pull over.

That’s when I met Kyle.

Kyle Simmons: curator, artist, student

Kyle kindly came down from his ladder, interrupting his artwork, to greet me.  I learned that the people who own the building commissioned this informal group of six artists to cover the exterior walls in beauty. Each allowed the freedom of his or her own style, you can see where one artist’s work ends and another’s begins.

Kyle has covered his section of the wall a couple times.  Just learning he’s been accepted to study art history in Italy (“wow” number 3), Kyle is adorning the building with a victory dragon.

They’re hoping to put the finishing touches on with the next dry spell (a bit hard to paint in the rain). Finished or not, it makes me smile to see life and color and art on a house.

There’s talk of formalizing the group into a non-profit with the mission of beautifying our streets with art.

Definitely something to be joyful about.


1 Nina { 04.15.11 at 9:55 am }

OMG! Thats great. I love it. You go Kyle

2 Angelina { 04.15.11 at 11:58 am }

Kool! What an awesome idea. You go Kyle. Can’t wait to see more.

3 Mom { 04.15.11 at 1:56 pm }

You da’ bomb, Son. Setting a great example for your younger sisters and living life to the fullest and working at what you enjoy doing most which is a blessing because not everyone can say that they love their work! Congrats on the Fabulous Pub and xoxo to the Reporter and their “good eye”. hehe

4 Sara { 04.15.11 at 3:14 pm }

Yay Kyle! great work! you’re so talented;)

5 laMarcus { 04.15.11 at 4:37 pm }

good work

6 Gramma Jill & Sergio { 04.15.11 at 7:14 pm }

Congratulations Kyle! We are very proud of you. You make this world a better place to exist. Forza sempre e buona fortuna!

7 Dantonio Torres III { 04.16.11 at 4:57 am }

have u ever seen a chevy wit the butterfly doors?
stuntin’ is a habit, put it in the air

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