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I spy joy in the surf


When we really love something, we love it in many ways.  We love people not just for the pleasure of being around them, but also for the many different windows they open for us to peer through, for being able to see life–and ourselves–through their eyes.

Walking on the beach I look out at the ocean and see a vast universe, an incredible power, a weightless world of possibility.  Then I see this surfer, sitting, watching, thinking very different thoughts than I. 

I imagine him looking at the ocean with the admiration of a lover, trying to better understand the nature of her waves and why they move the way they do.  He is peering through a different window than I am, and I love being a witness to that.  His joy and appreciation doubles my own.  And that is one of the many wonders of being human.

June 28, 2009   No Comments

I spy joy on the beach



Mom and I arrived in San Diego yesterday for a girl’s weekend with long-time friend and mom’s ex-business partner Ginita.  After a leisurely lunch of chicken Caesar salad and chardonnay, we headed for the beach.

The ocean breeze ran through our hair, the fresh salt air filled our lungs, and the fine sand kissed our toes with every step.  There are few things as pleasing to feet as walking barefoot on a sandy beach. 

Add to that popping the washed-up kelp bubbles like a child jumping on plastic bubble-wrap and I felt as though I was 4, rather than 40.  A fabulous day, indeed.

June 27, 2009   No Comments