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I spy joy in a custom paint job

Custom Paint Job

Custom Paint Job

I am attracted to unique and unusual things.  Take this car, for example.  The custom paint job is so unusual that it’s incredibly difficult not to notice it.

I wouldn’t exactly call this pretty.  And if I could have a custom paint job on my vehicle this isn’t the one I’d choose.  But these things are neither here nor there. I like this car because it’s different–it has character.

Character makes me smile.

Character is bold.  Character doesn’t give a flying yahoo who approves or doesn’t approve. Character is true, and truth takes courage.

It brings me joy to know there are people among us who possess the gumption to express themselves so openly.

I think there may be hope for us yet.

September 27, 2009   No Comments

I spy joy in art

I have always enjoyed art. Whether it’s a sculpture, a painting, a photograph, collage or what have you, I love knowing that what I’m looking at is one person’s creative expression of their unique perspective at just that moment.

This particular piece of art, drawn by my daughter, makes me smile. A bold, colorful flower, a really big heart, and her name in whimsical letters.

Joy, indeed.

May 14, 2009   No Comments