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I spy joy in liquid chocolate

Spicy, dark drinking chocolate

Spicy, dark drinking chocolate

Sitting on a park bench reading the underlined passages in my copy of Ask And It Is Given, I was reminded of the power of feeling good. “There is no greater gift you can give than your own happiness.”

Esther and Jerry go on to say that when we are happy, everyone around us benefits (which is now scientifically proven by Fowler and Christakis).

I don’t know about you, but when I think happiness, chocolate is almost sure to follow. This is an opportune time to practice seizing the moment.

In the interest of happiness and the greater good for all, I quickly texted my two chocolate-loving co-workers and it wasn’t long before we found ourselves sitting at Cacao.

Cacao is a heavenly place.  It’s nirvana smack-dab in the middle of Portland, Oregon. And we three, sipping, savoring our drinkable chocolate were elevated to levels of joy untold.  The spicy dark chocolate with a touch of cayenne is my favorite.  I pledge my undying love to it.

We were all so thrilled with ourselves and the liquid loveliness before us that we decided we should do something fabulous every single week. Tuesdays are a good day for fabulousness, we decided. “Treat Tuesdays,” affirmed Kristin. And so it is.

From now until forever we are celebrating Treat Tuesdays with something marvelous. I highly recommend you join us.

September 2, 2009   1 Comment

I spy joy in puppies

Taryn and Rosie
Taryn and Rosie

For those of us who are true animal lovers, puppies are just about the most wonderful little creatures there are. 

They are happy, bouncy, energetic, love-filled bundles of joy. Their eyes are bright and hopeful, their tails wag excitedly and I’m certain one whiff of their unmistakable puppy breath releases as many endorphins as eating chocolate.

No doubt about it, puppies are a fantastic source of joy.  Seeing the sheer euphoria of my little girl, while she holds her new puppy for the very first time–that’s joy squared.

May 19, 2009   No Comments

I spy joy at Mon Ami

Cocoa joy
Cocoa joy

I had some time last week before Thanksgiving to sit for a while with my daughter and enjoy some hot cocoa at a great little coffee and crepe house in Vancouver called Mon Ami.  The young man working the counter took extra care to make a beautiful beverage with chocolate drizzled over the blanket of whipped cream.  He was astute enough to see we were there for some special girl time and did his best to make it memorable for my daughter, Taryn.  I wish I had asked his name.

Taryn so thoroughly enjoyed her very grown-up looking drink, served to her on a saucer with a spoon. And I so enjoyed watching her revel in this moment of chocolately goodness.

November 30, 2008   1 Comment