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I spy joy in groovy high-tops

Groovy Nike High-Tops

Waiting in line at Stumptown with some friends for the weekly coffee/bagel run, I noticed these shoes on a young lady at the counter.  Love them! They’re fun and funky and they make people smile. Wearing shoes like that must increase your cheerfulness a good 10 points.  Has to.

Reminds me of another young lady I saw in downtown Portland wearing some wild socks.

So much fun! And isn’t that what life is for?

February 13, 2010   No Comments

I spy joy in welcoming



Mom and I spent yesterday wandering.  Mostly on Hawthorne Boulevard in Portland.  The neighborhood there is a vibrant and fun and more than a little funky.

The neighborhood is that way, of course, because that’s how the people are who live and work there.  It’s a very welcoming place, with welcoming people.  What I love about them is that they are not afraid to show it.

They are not timid in anticipation of rejection or judgement.  They wear their welcoming on their sleeves and give you the option of taking or leaving it. They are open and confident and free of the need for the good opinion of others.

peace_070809_2379 sm

They paint their houses in any combination of colors that please them and proudly post their desires for “Peace on Earth” where ever they see fit (look closely at the window).

Strolling among such honest, endearing homes it’s easy to be swept up in the warm embrace of joy; content and grateful to find a pocket of life lived out loud.

July 9, 2009   No Comments