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I spy joy in vision boards

My vision board

My vision board

Plan your work and work your plan. The goals we set are the goals we get. What you focus on expands. It’s an automatic ‘no’ if you don’t ask.

There are a million expressions that say essentially the same thing: we are much more likely to get where we want to go if we create some sort of map for ourselves.  That’s not to say we have to figure out how we’re going to get there (by bus or plane or train), we just need to figure out where we want to go and begin moving in that direction. That’s one reason to create a vision board.  That, and they’re just plain fun to make.

Yesterday my whole family–kids included–sat around the dining room, listened to music, flipped through magazines, cut out images and words, and purposely placed them mat boards to create a vision of what we want in our lives. It’s becoming a new year’s tradition with us.

This process is a wonderful mix of dreaming, wishing, planning, deciding and playing.  It’s creating a vision of tomorrow and enjoying the journey while laying a foundation for our goals–a touchstone to remind us of the life we want to live.

And that’s the main purpose of life, isn’t it?  To be lived.

December 21, 2009   No Comments

Recession-proof joy

In a time when fear and depression seem to be in a more plentiful supply than they have in years, a survey of visitors to ISpyJoy.com reveals the recession-proof sources of joy. Topping the list for what brings people joy are family, friends and pets. The best ways to spread joy to others? Offering a smile, being kind and listening.

These results remind us—and now is a good time to be reminded—that the greatest sources of joy come from being in the moment with our loved ones. And it’s also timely to note that, while ideally we should enjoy what we do for a living, our core happiness is much less dependant on our jobs than it is on things like being in nature, a walk through your city or reading a good book.

See the complete results of the survey here.

March 14, 2009   No Comments